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PTCE Exam Questions - The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam | Braindumps

PTCB PTCE : The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Exam Dumps

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Latest 2024 Updated PTCB The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Syllabus
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PTCE Test Center Questions : Download 100% Free PTCE exam Dumps (PDF and VCE)

Exam Number : PTCE
Exam Name : The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam
Vendor Name : PTCB
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PTCE Exam Format | PTCE Course Contents | PTCE Course Outline | PTCE Exam Syllabus | PTCE Exam Objectives

Medications (40%)

- Generic names, brand names, and classifications of medications

- Therapeutic equivalence

- Common and life-threatening drug interactions and contraindications (e.g., drug-disease, drug-drug, drug-dietary supplement, drug-laboratory, drug-nutrient)

- Strengths/dose, dosage forms, routes of administration, special handling and administration instructions, and duration of drug therapy

- Common and severe medication side effects, adverse effects, and allergies

- Indications of medications and dietary supplements

- Drug stability (e.g., oral suspensions, insulin, reconstitutables, injectables, vaccinations)

- Narrow therapeutic index (NTI) medications

- Physical and chemical incompatibilities related to non-sterile compounding and reconstitution

- Proper storage of medications (e.g., temperature ranges, light sensitivity, restricted access)

Federal Requirements (12.5%)

- Federal requirements for handling and disposal of non-hazardous, hazardous, and pharmaceutical substances and waste

- Federal requirements for controlled substance prescriptions (i.e., new, refill, transfer) and DEA controlled substance schedules

- Federal requirements (e.g., DEA, FDA) for controlled substances (i.e., receiving, storing, ordering, labeling, dispensing, reverse distribution, take-back programs, and loss or theft of)

- Federal requirements for restricted drug programs and related medication processing (e.g., pseudoephedrine, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies [REMS])

- FDA recall requirements (e.g., medications, devices, supplies, supplements, classifications)

Patient Safety and Quality Assurance (26.25%)

- High-alert/risk medications and look-alike/sound-alike [LASA] medications

- Error prevention strategies (e.g., prescription or medication order to correct patient, Tall Man lettering, separating inventory, leading and trailing zeros, bar code usage, limit use of error-prone abbreviations)

- Issues that require pharmacist intervention (e.g., drug utilization review [DUR], adverse drug event [ADE], OTC recommendation, therapeutic substitution, misuse, adherence, post-immunization follow-up, allergies, drug interactions)

- Event reporting procedures (e.g., medication errors, adverse effects, and product integrity, MedWatch, near miss, root-cause analysis [RCA])

- Types of prescription errors (e.g., abnormal doses, early refill, incorrect quantity, incorrect patient, incorrect drug)

- Hygiene and cleaning standards (e.g., handwashing, personal protective equipment [PPE], cleaning counting trays, countertop, and equipment)

Order Entry and Processing (21.25%)

- Procedures to compound non-sterile products (e.g., ointments, mixtures, liquids, emulsions, suppositories, enemas)

- Formulas, calculations, ratios, proportions, alligations, conversions, Sig codes (e.g., b.i.d.k, t.i.d., Roman numerals), abbreviations, medical terminology, and symbols for days supply, quantity, dose, concentration, dilutions

- Equipment/supplies required for drug administration (e.g., package size, unit dose, diabetic supplies, spacers, oral and injectable syringes)

- Lot numbers, expiration dates, and National Drug Code (NDC) numbers

- Procedures for identifying and returning dispensable, non-dispensable, and expired medications and supplies (e.g., credit return, return to stock, reverse distribution)

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PTCB Pharmacy Exam Cram


Free real estate practice exam + 7 study hacks to ace the real estate exam

From time management techniques to memory tricks and managing stress — we’ll share our study hacks to help you ace your state real estate exam. Hone and test your real estate knowledge using our free real estate practice exam.

As a lifelong educator, learner, and collector of advanced degrees in education and curriculum design, I know from experience which study habits and hacks really work, and I’ve researched the most effective ones for this article. We’ll help you supercharge your real estate exam study habits and launch your new real estate career with confidence.

Understand the real estate exam

Before we dive in, it’s helpful to understand the structure and content of your real estate exam. Real estate exams are typically:

  • A multiple-choice format
  • Timed with allotted times of 2 to 3 ½ hours
  • Divided into two sections: national real estate principles and practices, and state real estate laws
  • The exam also covers a variety of topics including: 

  • Financing
  • Ownership
  • Property disclosures
  • Property value and appraisals
  • Contracts
  • Legal descriptions
  • Standards of conduct
  • Math calculations
  • Passing grades are determined by each state but typically hover around 70%, and you’ll need a passing score in both sections. Each state’s rules vary on retaking the exam, but you can usually retake only the portion of the exam you didn’t pass the first time. With our free real estate practice exam, you’ll be on your way to passing with flying colors. 

    Take our free real estate practice exam

    Ready to test your knowledge? Try our free real estate practice exam with some typical multiple-choice questions you might find on a state real estate exam. If you’re not ready yet, check out our study hacks, motivational tips, and other tools below.

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    Licensee Mark has knowledge about all the issues related to a property. Which of the following property issues should be disclosed to potential buyers?

  • The neighbors have a dog.  
  • The neighborhood has a low crime rate. 
  • The kitchen has a leaky faucet. 
  • The tree in the back yard is at least 30 years old.
  • Which of the following examples below is of a fixture that is real property?

  • Above-ground hot tub in the backyard
  • Shelves attached to the wall with brackets
  • Stand-alone storage shelf in the cupboard
  • Photos and wall hangings
  • After a seller counters an offer, what happens to an initial offer from the buyer?

  • It is void and no longer in play.
  • It becomes the back-up offer.
  • It is accepted by the seller until the buyer accepts the counter.
  • Sellers cannot counter a buyer’s initial offer.
  • In a real estate transaction, if Sarah, acting as a broker for Blue Skies Realty, gives a portion of the commission earned from a sale to Emily, a buyer, what is this practice commonly referred to as?

  • A commission
  • A rebate
  • A kickback
  • A violation
  • A house on your street has built an addition, raising its property value. Now you notice your own property’s value has gone up. Which economic principle best describes this situation?

  • Value bump
  • Conditional value
  • Progression
  • Stalemate
  • Ava, Jane, and Nora are joint owners of a vacation home. Unfortunately, Jane passed away. Consequently, Ava and Nora allowed Jane’s nephew, Eric, who inherited Jane’s share of the property, to join them at the vacation home. What type of ownership arrangement does this represent?

  • Estate in generality
  • Tenancy in common
  • Joint tenancy
  • Common tenancy
  • An example of this type of leasehold estate is a month-to-month lease.

    A month-to-month lease is an example of what type of leasehold estate?

  • Estate for years
  • Periodic estate
  • Estate at will
  • Estate for months
  • The homeowner tells their agent they’re in a rush to sell because they’re moving for a new job and they are open to offers below the asking price. The agent then tells a potential buyer that the seller could go for a $15,000 discount from the listed price. Which statement accurately represents the situation?

  • The agent has breached his duty of confidentiality to his client
  • The agent hasn’t violated any fiduciary responsibilities
  • The agent can secure the buyer’s offer now
  • The agent must wait for the seller to lower his asking price
  • If the rate of transer tax is $.48 per $100, what will a seller pay on a property purchased for $280,000?

  • $11,344
  • $1,344
  • $134
  • $13.40
  • What best describes a deed?

  • A lease agreement
  • A document to transfer ownership
  • A law of property title
  • A recording fee
  • Study group of students with books and laptops in a coffee shop 7 study hacks to master the real estate exam

    There are proven strategies for studying for exams that will help you to retain information more effectively and efficiently. Let’s take stock of best study habits.

    Create the most efficient study plan

    You’ll boost your chances of acing your exam if you make a study schedule and stick to it. But there are ways to get the most out of the schedule, too. Your best bet is to structure your studying around spaced repetition, the idea that you’ll retain more knowledge if your study sessions are spread out. 

    So, set aside dedicated study time each day or week and make it a priority. Start by breaking down the topics you need to cover and allocate specific time slots for each topic. This will help you stay organized and ensure you’ve covered all the required material before the exam. Finally, take breaks to give your brain time to rest and process the information you’ve learned, and your memory will be primed for exam day. 

    Snag the highest-quality study materials

    Not all study materials are cut from the same cloth. Having access to high-quality real estate practice exams, study guides, and texts from reputable sources is key. Ideally, you’ll want practice questions that most closely mirror the real estate exam so you have no surprises on exam day. 

    Consider using a combination of different resources for a well-rounded understanding of the exam content. 

  • Textbooks to grasp the foundational concepts
  • Online courses for interactive learning
  • Flashcards for memorization
  • Audio lessons for review
  • Practice exams to test your knowledge and identify areas for improvement
  • Check out our top picks for real estate exam prep offered by real estate schools, too. We vetted the top national real estate schools for their exam prep materials, pass rates, and more.

    SEE ALSO: Real estate exam prep: The ultimate guide to acing your state’s real estate exam

    Study like the pros

    Whether you’re studying from your car, on your commute or from home, let’s break down the study techniques backed by science and practiced by top students to help you ace your exam.

    Active recall: Studies show over and over that quizzing yourself without looking at your notes improves your understanding.[2] So does teaching the material to yourself or others out loud.

    Mix it up: Mix up different topics during your study sessions rather than focusing on one topic exclusively – it will help your brain determine what’s important to remember.[3]

    Visualize to remember: Create visual aids or use mnemonic devices to associate complex information with images or easily memorable phrases, as these will significantly enhance memory recall.[4]

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    Join study groups for a comprehension boost

    Joining a study group is like unlocking a secret weapon to master the real estate exam. It brings in diverse perspectives, boosts your understanding as you talk things out, and bridges any gaps you might have in your grasp of the material. 

    As an added bonus, being part of a group amps up your motivation and keeps everyone accountable, leading to better retention of tricky concepts. So, consider leveling up your studying by joining a study group or finding a buddy to learn with.

    Try the PrepAgent Real Estate Exam Study Group on Facebook or check out The CE Shop Pre-Licensing Student Forum, also on Facebook.

    Stay motivated and manage stress

    When you’re preparing for the real estate exam, it’s completely normal to feel the pressure. Remember, taking care of yourself is just as crucial as hitting the books. Start by carving out moments for self-care amidst your study sessions. Take breaks to stretch, breathe deeply, or go for a short walk—whatever refreshes your mind.

    Don’t forget to reach out to friends, family, or study buddies. Chatting with them can bring a fresh perspective or just the encouragement you need. You’ve got this—believe in yourself and don’t forget to celebrate your progress.

    Review and revise your notes regularly

    When you revisit your notes, you’re flexing your mental muscles. You aren’t just refreshing your memory, you’re strengthening the neural pathways that help you recall information during the exam. Plus, research shows that regular notes review boosts confidence and reduces anxiety.

    Start by skimming through your notes to refresh your memory, then actively engage with the material by summarizing key points in your own words. Finally, quiz yourself or create flashcards to reinforce your understanding and test yourself. Soon, your exam jitters will take a backseat to your confidence. 

    The best ways to simulate real estate exam conditions

    As you get closer to exam day, it’s crucial to simulate exam conditions during your study sessions. Find a quiet and distraction-free environment where you can focus. Set a timer and allocate specific time limits for each section of the practice exam. This will help you familiarize yourself with the time constraints and train your mind to work efficiently under pressure.

    During the real estate practice exam:

  • Avoid distractions, such as checking your phone
  • Take it seriously and treat the practice exam as if it were the real exam
  • Review your answers and identify areas where you need more practice
  • Refine your study plan and target your weak areas before the actual exam
  • Frequently asked questions about the real estate exam
  • How hard is the real estate exam?

    The passing score for the real estate exam differs across states, but usually hovers around 70%. With thorough preparation, these exams, while challenging, are achievable. To locate the passing rate on your state’s real estate exam, you can use the Association of Real Estate Law Officials website to find your state’s real estate regulatory board.

  • How many questions are on the real estate exam?

    There are typically between 75 and 150 questions on the real estate exam, though each state differs. The exam is timed and consists of a national portion and a state-specific portion, both of which you’ll need to pass to pass the overall exam.

  • How do I pass the real estate exam?

    Passing the real estate exam involves a mix of preparation and strategy. Start by creating a study plan that includes regular review sessions and practice tests. Consider joining study groups, or enrolling in exam prep offered by real estate schools like The CE Shop or Aceable Agent. Finally, manage stress by staying well-rested and confident in your preparation—you’ve got this!

  • How long is the real estate exam?

    Real estate exams are timed, and typically run between 1.5 and 2.5 hours, depending on the state in which you take the exam. Exams are typically in a multiple-choice format, with some scenario-based questions included.

  • What is the format of the real estate exam?

    Real estate exams are commonly taken on computers at designated testing centers, though some states might also offer paper-based options. These exams usually include multiple-choice questions and are divided into two sections: one covering national topics and the other focusing on state-specific content. Exams are timed and usually between 75-150 questions to answer, depending on the state.

  • What happens if I fail one part of the exam?

    If you fail one part of the exam (either the national or state-specific section), you often have the opportunity to retake only the section you failed. Check your state’s policies, as retake rules vary in each state, and you may need to pay an additional fee or wait a specific amount of time before retaking the exam.

  • Are there requirements to take the real estate exam?

    Yes! Eligibility requirements vary by state. In most cases, you must complete pre-licensing education, provide identification, and pay an exam fee before being eligible to take the exam. Check with your state’s real estate commission for exact requirements.

  • What happens after passing the real estate exam?

    After passing the real estate exam, you can apply for your real estate license with your state’s regulatory authority. You’ll often be mailed your real estate license (and a pocket card). Once you have your license, you can start working as a real estate professional, such as a real estate agent or broker.

  • The full picture

    With these study hacks, you’ll build a solid foundation of knowledge for your new career and boost your confidence for the real estate exam. Don’t miss out on our free practice real estate exam to check your progress and find ways to improve your studying. Embrace the challenge, stay focused, and set your course for a thriving real estate career!


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