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HPE0-S54 PDF Download - Designing HPE Server Solutions | Braindumps

HP HPE0-S54 : Designing HPE Server Solutions Exam Dumps

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Latest 2024 Updated HP Designing HPE Server Solutions Syllabus
HPE0-S54 Exam Dumps / Braindumps contains Actual Exam Questions

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HPE0-S54 Test Center Questions : Download 100% Free HPE0-S54 exam Dumps (PDF and VCE)

Exam Number : HPE0-S54
Exam Name : Designing HPE Server Solutions
Vendor Name : HP
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Question Bank : Check Questions

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HPE0-S54 Exam Format | HPE0-S54 Course Contents | HPE0-S54 Course Outline | HPE0-S54 Exam Syllabus | HPE0-S54 Exam Objectives

Exam ID : HPE0-S54

Exam type : Proctored

Exam duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

Exam length : 60 questions

Passing score : 66%

Delivery languages : English, Japanese

Supporting resources : These recommended resources help you prepare for the exam:

Designing HPE Server Solutions, Rev. 18.11

The Minimally Qualified Candidate (MQC) for Server Architect at the Accredited System Engineer (ASE) level has advanced knowledge of HPE solutions and underlying technologies, which include CPU, memory, disk, power, networking, management subsystems, data center environments, and multi-site configurations. The typical MQC will have worked in the IT industry in an HPE server environment for at least 18 to 36 months.

Complete the training and review all course materials and documents before you take the exam.
Use HPE Press study guides and additional reference materials; study guides, practice tests, and HPE books.
Exam items are based on expected knowledge acquired from job experience, an expected level of industry standard knowledge, or other prerequisites (events, supplemental materials, etc.).
Successful completion of the course or study materials alone, does not ensure you will pass the exam.

55% Plan and Design Solutions

Based on the customers goal, determine the appropriate information to gather from the customer.

Given a scenario, determine an appropriate tool to size, specify, or build a solution.

Given a scenario, describe how to generate the customer proposal (for example, Bill of Materials, TCO Report, diagrams, Quote, third-party items, power and cooling statistics).

Given a scenario, identify potential design issues with the customers existing environment.

Determine under which circumstances an architect would propose specific industry standard server, storage, network architectures and technologies.

Given a customers long-term vs short-term needs, determine a solution with a possible upgrade path.

Given a scenario, describe the service offerings that meet the business and IT objectives.

Analyze customer information to determine the gap between the existing customer environment and the documented customer needs.

Compare and contrast available HA and DR solutions, match them with the customers business needs, and available budget.

Provide a rationale for a product line within a given solution.

Given a scenario, map the solution benefits to the original customer requirements and respond to customer objections raised by key stakeholders.

20% Install, Configure, and Set Up, Solutions

Evaluate the customer environment to determine POC suitability. (site specific/scenario based)

Analyze the success criteria and proposed POC solution to determine the gap between them.

Describe the steps for implementing the design.

Determine how the design achieves the customers technical requirements and highlight additional improvements identified during design implementation.

10% Troubleshoot Solutions

Given a customer problem, determine an appropriate resolution path.

Explain how to use the appropriate tools to identify a problem.

Describe the correlation between a remediation and its predicted outcome.

15% Manage, Monitor, and Maintain Solutions

Given a customer situation, identify the appropriate management tool to use.

Describe the steps for performing common management tasks.

Interpret collected data for lifecycle management operations.

Interpret collected data to optimize performance and availability.

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HP Solutions Exam Questions


Exam Information

An exam proctor will begin reading exam instructions approximately 15 minutes before the exam start time. Students must be in the exam room with their exam at this time. If taking the exam on a laptop, it must be booted up and have passed the security check. Hand writers must not have a laptop with them in an exam room, unless otherwise allowed according to the professor’s instructions. A student entering the exam room after the proctor begins reading instructions will not receive additional time for booting up their laptop, passing the security check, and/or reading exam instructions.

When instructed by the proctor, write your exam number on the cover page of your exam, bluebooks, and any scratch paper you turn in as part of your exam. Handwritten exam answers must be written in blue books in blue or black ink. Number the bluebooks you use (1 of 1, 1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc.). Proctors will allow time to read the professor’s instructions. Other than counting the number of pages of the exam, students are not permitted to turn the page of an exam past the instructions page until the proctor instructs them to do so.

When taking a closed-book exam, no books, outlines, book bags, purses, or scratch paper (other than the scratch paper provided) may be at your seat during the exam. These items must be left outside of the exam room or in the front or sides of the exam room. Students may not begin to write anything, including on scratch paper, before the proctor begins a closed-book exam.

Students taking in-class exams are prohibited from having any electronic communication device, other than a laptop as allowed per the professor's instructions, during the exam. Cell phones and smart watches must be turned off during the exam and placed in a bag or backpack. Violations of this rule may be considered an Honor Code violation. A clock in each exam room will be the official timekeeper for the exam.

Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in exam rooms; however, the container must have a lid.

After the exam instructions have been read and the exam begins, the proctor will remain in the room. Any student who has a question or problem during an exam should see the proctor.

Students may use the restroom or take a break during an exam. However, all exam materials must be left in the exam room and no additional time will be given. Students must sign in and out at the front of the room with the proctor.

Prepare for the CAP Exam

ISA offers a variety of resources to help you prepare for the Certified Automation Professional (CAP®) exam.

Primary Textbook

A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge is the primary text resource for the CAP exam and provides a complete overview of all technical topics. Order the Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge.

Study Guide

The CAP Study Guide is a comprehensive self-study resource that contains a list of the CAP domains and tasks, 75 review questions and answers complete with justifications. References that were used for each study guide question are also provided with the question. The Study Guide also includes a recommended list of publications that you can use to do further study on specific domains. Order the CAP Study Guide.

Review Courses

A CAP review course is available in several formats as preparation for taking the certification exam. This course is offered by ISA and can also be offered at your location.

ISA also has a variety of training courses that would be helpful in preparing for CAP. NOTE: The CAP exam fee is not included with the CAP review courses (EC00, EC00V, EC00E, and EC00M). Visit the Automation Professional Training page for a complete list.

Additional Resources Exam Topics
  • Basic Continuous Control: Process Instrumentation, Analytical Instrumentation, Continuous Control, Control Valves, Analog Communications, Control System Documentation, Control Equipment
  • Basic Discrete, Sequencing, and Manufacturing Control: Discrete Input & Output Devices and General Manufacturing Measurements, Discrete and Sequencing Control, Motor and Drive Control, Motion Control
  • Advanced Control Topics: Process Modeling, Advanced Process Control, Control of Batch Processes, Environmental, Environmental Monitoring, Building Automation
  • Reliability, Safety, and Electrical: Alarm Management, Reliability, Process Safety and Safety Instrumented Systems, Electrical Installations, Safe Use and Application of Electrical Apparatus
  • Integration and Software: Digital Communications, Industrial Networks, Manufacturing Execution Systems and Business Integration, System and Network Security, Operator Interface, Data Management, Software, Custom Software
  • Deployment and Maintenance: Operator Training, Checkout, System Testing, and Startup, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Long-Term Support and System Management
  • Work Structure: Automation Benefits and Project Justifications, Project Management and Execution, Interpersonal Skills
  • CAP Sample Questions

    Questions on the exam were derived from the actual practice of automation professionals as outlined in the CAP Role Delineation Study and job task analysis. Using interviews, surveys, observation, and group discussions, ISA worked with automation professionals to delineate critical job components to develop exam specifications to determine the number of questions related to each domain and task tested. This rigorous program development and ongoing maintenance process ensures that CAP certification accurately reflects the skills and knowledge needed to excel as an automation professional.

    The following six questions were taken from the CAP exam question item bank and serve as examples of the question type and question content found on the CAP exam.

  • The method by which the tasks and hazards associated with a machine or process are analyzed is known as:
  • A. Risk exam.
  • B. Machine exam.
  • C. Risk reduction.
  • D. Risk abatement.
  • To test controller tuning or prototype new control strategies offline, the model should be a(an):
  • A. Tie-back (loopback) simulation.
  • B. Artificial neural network.
  • C. Dynamic process simulation.
  • D. Steady state process simulation.
  • The temperature measurement with the BEST repeatability and resolution is the:
  • A. Thermocouple.
  • B. Resistance temperature detector (RTD).
  • C. Dial thermometer.
  • D. Capillary system.
  • Which of the following is NOT a variable speed drive setup parameter?
  • A. Acceleration rate.
  • B. Motor winding type.
  • C. Output frequency.
  • D. Maximum speed.
  • A complete test plan for system integration testing MUST include:
  • A. Comments for the application programmer.
  • B. Multiple test cases for each mode of operation.
  • C. At least five test cases for each test.
  • D. Expected results for each test case.
  • Frequency of maintenance should be determined by:
  • A. Failure rates of components.
  • B. Availability of personnel and parts.
  • C. Management targets for efficiency and productivity.
  • D. Effectiveness of maintenance personnel.
  • Sample Questions Answer Key Question Number Correct Answer Exam Content Outline 1 A Domain 1, Task 4 2 C Domain 2, Task 2 3 B Domain 3, Task 3 4 B Domain 4, Task 7 5 C Domain 5, Task 5 6 A Domain 6, Task 2

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